Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The next time you just find your self in need to stay in the amazing Pantone Hotel, which would be any designers dream.

Here is a little history on Pantone from the Pantone Hotel website. "Forty-five years ago, Pantone, Inc. revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the launch of the colorful PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, enabling designers and printers to faithfully articulate and reproduce accurate color anywhere in the world. Each color identified with a unique number for precise specification. Pantone achieved global acceptance and quickly became the standard in the printing and graphic arts industries."

"The PANTONE HOTEL combines the strong emotions evoked by color with exceptional, vivid design and unyielding comfort. Guests enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations, distinctively chosen at reception to compliment their mood. Luxurious beds, inviting pillows, LCD TVs, and central A/C with individual controls are standard at The PANTONE HOTELTM; many rooms are illuminated with unparalleled views of Brussels." This is the description of each room....I would love a room with a view of Brussels.

Each room is patterned after one of seven distinct PANTONE Color palettes.
I would love to stay in Cheerful, Warm. Which room would you like to stay in?

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  1. This looks amazing! I want to stay there! Can I have 3 picks? I'm gonna go with cheerful warm, Tranquil Aquatic exhilarating, and Captivating esteemed silky.